Thursday, September 12, 2013

Open Letter to Fans


This is our first attempt at a homepage, as we grow our company towards what we want it to be. We are very excited to bring you the content and quality that you expect.

We encourage you to contribute to our growth by donating to our company. On the right column you will see a Donate button that we will be very much appreciative for you to click.

As of right now, we have casted a handful of models to join our NYC lineup, and we promise to meet all your expectations. Casting is still open, and we want you to contact us about your interest in joining the team. We're looking for escorts, exotic dancers, strippers, porn acts, etc. Click here: SmileyFacesATM

Our proposal form will be up very soon!

We are working on the best content for you:
  • Media subscription
  • Live camshows
  • Model packages
  • and much more!
Stick around, and you will be seeing much more.